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limitless* design

We are an independent creative design company founded in early 2012. Based in Lytham, St. Annes, we focus on corporate design, branding, bespoke work and website creation. Limitless* Design is founded on the simple philosophy that work should be an enjoyable part of our lives. Our satisfaction and success comes from seeing the fruits of our imagination make something happen, which invariably makes for a happy client. And good business is about building long-term relationships. Our collective experience could not be more varied. Some of our clients think of us as online specialists, some love the beautiful works of art we create. Some simply see us as the design agency that delivers. So what unites our work? Put simply, we reckon it’s us. With an eclectic blend of passions and personalities, we’re individuals who work creatively together. We are limitless in our ideas, creativity, passion and dedication to producing a finished product you will be proud of.

to contact us, send us a message at:info@wearelimitless.co.uk

Kristian Daniel


As creative director and founder, Kristian is responsible for all aspects of concept and design at limitless* design. Kristian graduated from Blackpool and the Fylde College’s prestigious Information Illustration degree in 2006. He is a confident, enthusiastic person, who always strives to deliver results at pace, whilst maintaining a high quality of service. He has over 10 years’ experience managing projects from concept to delivery under budget, ahead of schedule and exceeding customers’ requirements. As a team leader, he always looks to invest in the capability of staff members, to be effective both in the present and future. He is a very approachable person who delivers business objectives through an inclusive environment, welcoming new challenges however uncomfortable. Kristian’s love and interest in design flourished over the years, inspiring him to found limitless* design in 2012. At limitless* design, Kristian takes ideas from concept to delivery, creating web sites, corporate branding, video presentations, technical illustrations, has been featured in numerous publications across the UK and secured the Gold Award at the 2015 e-Learning Awards in the Best Public Sector Project category.

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Mike Foster


Mike Foster is the lead animation artist at Limitless* Design. He has a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Animation from the University of Central Lancashire in 2009. Besides organizing the projects and creating the animations at limitless* design, Mike works as a freelance animation artist, illustrator and fine artist. Mike has worked perviously at 8th Wonder Ltd working as an in-house designer of plush toys for various retailers such as Clintons and ASDA. He has provided voice-overs for a variety of animations & short films and is currently working on an animated TV series.

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